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Granida is an online B2B marketplace for buying and selling agricultural commodities. We offer an efficient, transparent platform that ensures a fair price for farmers, while providing buyers with a reliable source of quality commodities.

Sellers list their commodities with all the relevant details. Interested buyers then bid on the listed items within a specified time frame. The highest bid at the close of the auction wins.

At Granida, we facilitate a 90% payment upon delivery of goods, ensuring sellers receive their funds quickly. The remaining balance is settled once all transaction details are verified and finalized.

We have a system of insured receivables in place to guarantee payments to sellers. This ensures that if a buyer defaults on their payment, the insurance will cover the seller's loss.

Each auction includes detailed parameters of the goods being sold. Buyers can thus be confident about the quality and specifications of the commodities they're purchasing.

Buyers gain access to a wide variety of commodities, with transparent pricing and quality assurance. They save time by not having to negotiate directly with sellers or visit them personally. Plus, they can explore new markets and clients easily.

Our platform is primarily designed for farmers, especially those in the SME sector, who have crops as their main source of income and need a reliable, efficient platform to sell their commodities.

Our platform serves commodities processors who need a reliable source of agricultural commodities, and traders exploring new markets. Both should be in good economic condition to ensure transaction reliability.

We make it easy for sellers and buyers to connect and trade commodities across borders. Our platform handles the complexities of bank and delivery communications, enabling seamless international transactions.

Granida is unique in that we focus on the trade, not on making a margin profit. We provide an online platform that guarantees payment, ensures quality of goods, and facilitates seamless local and international trading. We are pioneers in providing a white-glove service in the agri-commodities trading sector.