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What do you get when you arrange a non-binding meeting with one of our representatives?

Fill out this form to set up a non-binding meeting with one of our representatives to find out if granida is suitable for your business. Our representative will show you how Granida solves your problems and streamlines your business processes. Farmers will learn about the transparent auction system and the benefits of payments, while processors and traders will discover how Granida saves time and connects them with new markets and clients.

You'll also get:

+ a free subscription to Commodity News (in Slovak language)

+ a free downloadable E-book - "How not to sell commodities bad" (in Slovak language)

Who is the Granida for? is for farmers, commodity processors, and commodity traders. It helps small and medium-sized farmers to reach foreign markets, connects commodity processors with new sources of goods, and enables traders to tap foreign markets effectively.

Why should they trust us?

Although ranks as a start-up the people behind it have a wealth of experience in primary agricultural production, the sphere of business and the sphere of law and finance. We have first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by those operating in this sector and have designed our platform to address the specific needs of each side of the trade separately.

So join other like-minded businesses that are using modern technology to increase the efficiency of their business.

A simple form can be completed here.